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Senior Product Designer, based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Passionate About Pets? Create A Website About It!

Have you ever thought about creating an income from what you love? Shoutout to all pet lovers out there. It is time to create a stunning website about pets. This is a really great strategy if you are providing some kind of pet service and you already know your potential and loyal customers. Let’s say that you are a VET and have been working for a long time right now. You should definitely open a site that talks about pet diseases, how to treat them or just about healthy pets and how to maintain their healthy lifestyle. You can even open an online store that sells pet stuff as it is always on high demand. There are plenty of ways that you can add some coin to your passive income or create one from the site that you are building. In this article, we are going to talk about some tips and website building suggestions that can help you to build a stunning pet website. 


Often, the text and content are one of the most important and often the most difficult to implement website elements. The content of a website must correspond to the personality of the client, must be simple, easy to understand and absorb. It is important to remember that there is a person at the other end of the cable, so allocate the content to it rather than the search engine robots. Also, don’t try to show your uniqueness in the vocabulary that is hard to find, just to showcase your professionalism and field expertise to stand out from your competitors. It is very easy if you are planning to create a website about pets, because there are a lot of themes that you can write about. 


The logo of your website is also a very important thing when starting off. This element represents your website from the first look and visitors will remember your pet website from the logo. You can hire some specialists that can do this for you or you can try to be an artist yourself. There are plenty of logo making tools in the search results that are easy and free to use. This means that you don’t have to be an expert to create a logo. Let’s say that you are breeding dogs. Your logo can be a puppy face. If you are a VET, your logo can be some small pets with a cross. It is up to your imagination. 


Okay, we confess. Text and content are not the most difficult to implement. The layout of the site requires a lot of attention if you want to make it stunning. You can make a good first and memorable impression by using a website structure that was never seen before. Analyze your competitors which are running pet websites and see how their sites are being a layout, what content they are providing, are they are blog-type sites or they are selling services or products? After analyzing what do you want to tell with your site, you can start creating it, because the structure of the pet blog site is very different from the pet store website. 


Sites with large, unique images generate more potential visitors to the site. People tend to make visual information easier to understand, so it’s no surprise that they like it more. Especially if you are going to add some pictures of cute little puppies. Believe it, people are more likely to visit your site if you are going to add some cute pictures. 


So now you know the four key elements that will help your pet website to stand out. If, however, you or your website’s developers are missing out on exclusive ideas, please contact any professional. And if you think your site is exclusive, but don’t bring the desired benefits, read the article “Why do visitors leave your website?”.

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